And It Begins…

A friend of mine suggested that I start a blog to get my business Bobbin’ Along up and running.  At first, I was skeptical.  I’m not a writer.  I wasn’t a fan of english classes in high school.  I’m a hands-on and visual learner.  Would I be able to put down into words what I am thinking?  Would anyone care?  Then it hit me that my main reason doesn’t HAVE to be my business.  Although it’d ultimately would be great to run my own company and work from home, I would love to document all my trials and errors and my experiences to show my children when they are older because they are the inspiration for much of what I do. 

Also, it is often difficult to find exactly what I’m looking for online.  I’m not super tech savvy.  My 4 year old can work her way around an iPad better than me.  Even my 1 year old has mastered unlocking my phone and using the remote for the tv.  I try to find a certain craft idea, and I end up frustrated and on page 40 of a search engine, still lost in my quest.  Pinterest has greatly helped me, but even that has drawbacks when I’m trying to recreate a craft.  Hopefully, I will help some crafter by explaining my processes with fun pictures and a story or two.

So with that, the blog begins…


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