Happy 2-2 Tu-esday!

Today is Tuesday, May 22nd!  This means it’s 2-2 tu-esday!  This is the only time it is happening this year!  Since I’m slightly obsessed with tutus, I consider this almost like a mini holiday.  Although I am excited, I haven’t baked a celebratory cake or dressed in a tutu to work because I doubt my co-workers would share my enthusiasm. 

I do want to do a little something special for the day, so I’m giving away a custom child’s tutu!  Go to my facebook page here, like it, and comment on today’s status on the “holiday.”  I will pick a random comment from a number generator, and make a tutu for them!  They can pick the size AND colors!  All I ask is that I get a picture of a cute little one wearing the tutu so that I can share it on my page. 

Good luck and happy 22!!!

Note: You must like my page or your comment will not count. Simply “liking” the status will not qualify you for a tutu as I cannot know what number you are based on the “like.”  Picture shown above has bows which will not be included in the giveaway but can always be added, and you would only be charged for the bows if desired.


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