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My name is Michelle.  I’m a mother to two wonderful, tutu loving daughters and wife to a husband that so graciously puts up with all the pink and ballerina stuff! My love for sewing and crafts began at an early age.  My grandmother and mother would teach me knitting and sewing.  I wasn’t really interested at that time, but when my grandmother passed away, I had this inner urge to hold onto a piece of her.  This is when I began knitting.  When I had my first daughter, my Prima Ballerina, the tradition of sewing Halloween costumes was passed onto me.  (shown to the left is my first costume, a giraffe, made for my daughter)
I now make all the costumes for my girls for Halloween.  Since I’m not a huge fan of most of the patterns for the designs I’m trying to create, I end up making my own patterns for the outfits.  Sometimes this leaves me a little frazzled and about to rip out all the seams and throw in the towel.  Ultimately, it gives me a sense of pride at my own creation.  My most recent endeavor was Belle and Mrs. Potts (from Beauty and the Beast):
Before our newest addition, my little Lady Bug, my first daughter started dance classes and so began the obsession with tutus.  I bought a tutu for my Lady Bug’s 3 month pictures and knew from then on I’d create my own instead.  Here is a picture of my Lady Bug in a tutu dress and headband/bow I created:
From there came headbands, hair clips, and tag blankets.  I am in the process of trying new projects.  Throughout this blog, I want to create new sewing/craft items.  All of my projects can be purchased.  I also will custom make things.  If it’s a crafty/sewing project, I’m up for the challenge!

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