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Brobee Costume

I’m just popping in quickly to show you a REALLY exciting costume that I had the opportunity to make.

My oldest goes to preschool with a girl who has a little brother with a broken femur.  He is in a cast from his chest to his knees.  Poor little boy can’t put regular pants on and is stuck basically on his back for 5-6 weeks.  This all happened – of course – around the time of Halloween, when EVERY kid runs around from house to house collecting candy.

His mother was telling me about their experience at the hospital.  They were going to make the cast in Packer’s colors. and it turned out to look more like Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Anyone would be pretty upset with having to have a large cast on for so long; a little kid with mounds of energy should be more frustrated!  This is not the case with this little guy.  He is all smiles!  Lots of family and friends have been visiting him and helping him pass the time.

How do I come into the picture?  SEWING!  I spoke with his mom about the challenges he has with his cast and his love for his new “twin” Brobee.  I wanted to make sure he could enjoy Halloween with his brother and sister without feeling left out of the fun of dressing up.  Let’s be real, store-bought costumes aren’t well made in the first place, so it is doubtful that his mom would have been able to find a costume to accommodate his cast.

I’m not sure if there is a pattern for a Brobee costume out there.  I didn’t look.  So in case anyone wants to know how to alter a regular pattern to make a costume, I’ll tell you some tips:

  • I took a McCall’s pattern for sweatpants and a jacket.  If you can’t find a plain shirt or pants in the color of the costume, you can easily make your own.  Don’t spend too much on a pattern unless you are going to use it a ton of times.  I don’t love to use patterns, so when I do, I won’t pay more than $1-$2 for the pattern.  Lots of places have sales on patterns and all brands have similar patterns.
  • I had to make the fabric because I wanted it in fleece and they didn’t have Brobee colored striped fleece.  I took a couple of yards of both colors, cut it in strips and sewed them all together to make one large piece before cutting out my pattern.
  • If you have stripes like I did, make sure when you cut your pattern out, you are fully aware of where the seams are going to meet so that the stripes match up.  I accidentally off-centered one pattern piece and it was a little off.
  • I needed to make “tear-away” pants instead of regular sweatpants because he couldn’t close his legs.  Instead of sewing the seams on the outside of the legs (like the pattern suggested), I used velcro so it can open on the sides.  This makes it much easier to put on and take off.
  • I added a hat with a face using felt.  it really finished off the costume.  Honestly, that was my favorite part of the costume.  You can even use the hat for winter!

    close up of hat

Here are some pictures of this awesome boy and his new Halloween costume.

Brobee fan all dressed up

TWINS! Dressed up as Brobee with a Brobee stuffed toy

I enjoyed making this because I know that his mom doesn’t have to worry about searching for a costume to make sure his Halloween can be as exciting as it should be.  Also, the look on his face when he tried it on was priceless.  He is seriously one of the sweetest little boys ever.  I hope he has a good time trick-or-treating.  I’d be happy to share his candy with him! 😉