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Back to Basics

I strive to help those that sew on a novice and intermediate level work their way through each of my projects with explaining various techniques that I use.  Through doing each tutorial, I realize that I might have to constantly explain various techniques.  I don’t want anyone to get frustrated with not knowing how to do something, while others may think that they are simple steps that don’t need tutorials.  When you are starting off, nothing is simple.  It does get easier, though!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be in our bed sewing like actress Maureen O’Hara? (from LIFE)

In order to not repeat myself constantly for the intermediate sewer but also to help the newbies, I will be making tutorials on basics such as sewing a rolled hem, waistbands, and shirring that you will be able to look back on when you have questions.  You can find these in my SEWING BASICS tab at the top of my page.  I will also attach links along my posts to make it easy to get to the specific tutorial I’m speaking about.

I will still explain each step thoroughly, but I think if you follow me for more than one project, you would be bored with me constantly explaining certain techniques that I prefer to use frequently.

Please let me know if you would like me to add a “basic” technique to my list as I’m here to help you.  We are here for each other!